Privacy Policy

Sapta Tunas Teknologi Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Statement explains how Sapta Tunas Teknologi collects, processes, uses, protect your personal information from use of our service. Sapta Tunas Teknologi is committed to protect your privacy.

Information We collect from you

We will collect your data when you voluntarily provide It to us. For example, We collect your data personal information when you order, register for our event or request information about STT Solutions & Services, subscribe to marketing communications, request support, complete our feedback form or complete surveys. We also can collect your data from offline, for example when
you attend to our events, telemarketing database validated and when you call our helpdesk.

The data that We collect from you such as name, email, phone number, address, company name, job title, department. We do collection data from your end also when you fill your details in our form ads that you are available us to contact you and share you the best solution that you request.

How We use your information

STT uses your personal information for various purposes, such as following :

  • Manage our relationship with you as business partner. We will use your data as you contact us including to register you as our new customer,  and we do manage relationship to stay connected for update information, We provide you the information as the solution you need
  • To process transactions. To support your request and also use your information for administrative purposes, agreement or contract with us, delivery and invoicing of your order and include the satisfaction survey form about our service to make us improve and offers you the better services for next.
  • Marketing. Information that we get from you comes from online and offline tools d  We will use your information to share you also about our marketing campaign.
  • To provide general customer services. To respond easily to customer inquiries, to respond refund request, complaints and any help that you need.

How We use and share your information

Sapta Tunas Teknologi uses your personal information and shares It to our team for building relationship, contact and offer you our update information, new program, new solutions and services, provide you with information you may interested in or complete a transcation to your purchase or interest in purchasing with us. Your information will help us also to improve us and personalize our products and services, maintain your account, help you with customer service and technical support issues or questions, we use for our research or customer analysis also to improve us.

How we secure your personal information.

Sapta Tunas Teknologi commits and strives to make it easy for you to keep your personal information and help us maintain the accuracy. We encourage you to keep any passwords you use confidential and to be careful to avoid phishings scams where someone may send you and email that appears to be from Sapta Tunas Teknologi asking for your personal information. Sapta Tunas Teknologi does not ever request your ID or password through email .

Communication & Subscription Preference.

You have any right to determine what information you want to receive from Sapta Tunas Teknologi about our Solutions and Services and how that information received by specifying your communications preferences. You can receive our information from any tools We have. If you want to discontinue our information, you can unsubscribe our email in the box that provided.

If you choose not to provide more personal information, we may not be able to share you any update about our solutions and services. You will receive any update information, marketing campaign that we have once you subscribe and allow us to send you regularly.